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plan. that's a slogan. >> i personally think yes, we can is more inspiring than no we can't. >> a new poll finds more people saying about the president, no he hasn't. for the first time, most voters, 52% now disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling his job overall. more voters say the president made the economy worse. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day. every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> the first idea, $50 billion for transportation projects. tomorrow, the president will propose a $200 billion task write off on new investments for businesses and corporations. republican house leader says we don't need more government stimulous spending. we need to end washington democrats out of control spending spree. >> i don't think there's anything the president of congress can provide a big jolt by election day. >> public dissatisfaction with
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a democratic controlled federal government. supporters say give the president time. >> it's just like losing weight. the weight comes on really fast and easy, but when you are trying to correct it, it's a slow process. >> but the midterm elections are now just two months away. the poll shows likely voters now favor the republican candidate in their district by 53 to 40 percent. that's a record margin. emily schmidt. abc news, washington. 6:31. three georgia sheriff deputies risk their own lives when they pull a man from a burning car this weekend and their bravery was caught on the cruisers dash cam. the car was on fire on the side of the road when the first deputy arrived on the scene. he grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to get out the flames. >> the flames were intense. it was hot. i could knock them down with a
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fire extinguisher and once i got them knocked down, it would ignite again. now there's nothing like saving someone else's life. that is a reward. >> the deputies knocked out the window and pulled a 56-year- old man out safely. if it was not for their bravery, the man would not have made it. firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused a huge fire in amarillo, texas. at least pictures are amazing. crews rushed to the scene trying to keep the flames under control, despite a lot of wind. the fire ripped across the field, probably destroyed buildings in its path. officials have not given many details of the damage or a cause. witnesses say they suspect fireworks. a well known stunt man spent his labor day in san francisco climbing the city's tallest scry scraper. the climber is believed to be dan goodwin. he started climbing san
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francisco's millennium tower around 2:00 and still climbing hours later. police arrested him when he got to the top. on the map they are about that close to reaching washington. the tour of duty runners who packed the memory of september 11 with them are now taking their final steps through maryland and abc2 news sherrie johnson just left and they went south. she came back north to tell us more about their tour. g good morning, jamie. that's right. we caught up with the tour of duty this morning. they ran just past us headed wards washington, d.c. the first responders took to the road early august from california just to commemorate september 11 and those who lost their lives. you can see the video here. they had an escort which is great for safety. firefighters have come from all over the world. even as far as australia just to participate in this lune. the team hopes arrive in new york city on saturday for the 9th anniversary of the september 11 attack. the team is broken up into
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three groups. each group runs for six hours and then they recover for 12 hours and again, you can see the team, two of them running side by side on their way into dc and it's all in an effort to honor their fellow brothers and sisters who lost their lives on september 11. now it's important to note that the team is also raising money for a variety of charities as well. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:34. listen. are you feeling down? perhaps a hug can pick you up. >> a hug can make a world of a difference. they are more than willing to brighten your spirits. they are offering free hugs and there was no shortage of people taking advantage of the love. they got the idea from a movie and they decided, let's give it a try. >> free hugs. >> i love it. >> if you have an autistic child, you may want to stick around. >> they say it can improve development. we'll tell you all about it. >> and rare video. on the 7th anniversary on the
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blitz during world war ii. we'll take a look back at history. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today.
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[ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. that was easy. 6:38. health news here this morning. termly ill cancer patients struggling with anxiety may get relief from a guided trip on a drug called silisiben. a new study is out and patients took a small dose. the participates took a pill which had little effect on their symptoms, but by contrast, one to three months after taking it, the patients reported feeling less anxious and overall mood had improved. >> take a look at this. a washington state man has designed a special swing that he says helps children diagnosed with autism. it's called the shring and it gets giggles from children who are giving it a try.
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the inventor said he was inspired by a friend in the 1970s who made climbing rings. if you do research, swings are supposed to help children with autism. this swing is special. it has a powerful impact on children who do have autism. you are looking at new and very rare color video of a bomb damage inflicted on london. it surfaced on the 70th anniversary of the blitz and the destruction of several landmarks. the devastating german bombing started in 1940, continued until may, 1941. and killing tens of thousands of civilians. the film was found in the attic by the family of a warden who shot it on home movie equipment used in the 1940s. they just found it in an attic. >> incredible. >> schools barely begun and students are on edge.
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>> more attacks to tell you about. >> another beating and the suspects are still out there. >> and a mess of fire at a racetrack claims the lives of animals. signs, signs, everywhere there's a sign. even more the primary day is so close. searching for suspects who have been ruining these signs. >> and what is on your child's toys? there are lead regulations that the fda wants another dangerous chemical regulated. well a tad more heat and humidity today and tomorrow will give way to cooler conditions and dryer conditions towards the end of the week. we'll tell you when in the seven-day forecast coming up. we are keeping an eye on the accident at baltimore national pike blocking the two left, causing some delays. i'll have more details in a few
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moments when good morning maryland continues after this quick break.
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all right, 6:44.
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it's time for your abc2 news poll. we are following the latest on the massive wild fires. >> it's amazing looking pictures and it's a wind whipped wild fire. amazing pictures and hundreds of people are forced to flee destroying dozens of homes. >> let's go to lanette charles with more. >> yes, that's exactly right. we have a fire weather watch in effect as well for today. conditions are going to improve. with that front that will move through tomorrow, we wish we would see a little bit of rain with that. we do have this in effect from this afternoon through wednesday evening and it is for northern delaware, northeast maryland. so that's definitely for us. southeast pennsylvania as well as central and southern new jersey. so definitely be on the lookout for that. the conditions will start to get better and improve as we go into thursday and friday. but in the meantime, our weather today is going to be stellar, just a little bit more
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humid and more heat. all right, let's send this over to kim brown. she has your traffic. >> good morning. we are keeping an eye on this accident. this is a camera at the baltimore national pike. you see the two left lanes are blocked because of a crash there. it was involving two vehicles. one person was put into that ambulance. so we are going to hope the best for them. you can expect some delays as you make your way across that stretch of the beltway. chances are, traffic is being held at this time. no word on when those lanes are going to be reopened, so we will keep an eye on the situation. also fire activity working in west baltimore at liberty heights avenue. traffic is affected. i'll have many more details in a few moments. jamie, back to you. >> all right, kim walking on the street waiting on the bus. students are being attacked. abc2 news, linda so with three muggings in a week and this is day eight of the fall semester. linda. >> all the attacks happened
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off campus. posters have been put up reminding students that the crime time happens between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. the latest assault happened over the weekend. police say a student was robbed off campus by four suspects who wanted his wallet. that student was hit several times in the face. and then on august 27, three students were robbed and assaulted while getting into a car. police arrested dango and a 15- year-old, but believe there are more suspects. two days later, five suspects assaulted and robbed a group of students waiting at a bus stop. >> be aware of your surroundings, the people you're with, and make sure you have people with you, that sort of thing. >> now at this point, police don't know if the incidents are related. there is usually a spike in crime of this nature when the fall semester starts. students are encouraged to walk in groups. linda so, abc2 news. >> 62 degrees. 6:47. in baltimore county, police are
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investigating after officers shot a suspect. investigators say a man attacked an officer at the kingspoint shopping center in randallstown. happened yesterday morning. police say a second officer then pulled up and shot the suspect twice in the chest. the man is in critical, but stable condition. police are trying to figure out why he might have attacked an officer in the first place. >> both officers involved are on routine leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> 6:47. and baltimore police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in his inner harbor hotel room. the man's body was discovered by staff members at the baltimore harbor place yesterday afternoon. foul play is not suspected. this roof is on fire. you people need to move. the roof is on fire. >> tough video to watch. this is new video of a fire near hollywood casino.
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this fire killed 27 horses. this is cell phone video taken as tourists rushed in trying to save the horses. >> i felt like my shoes were going to melt off my feet. it was how many, how fast? >> i feel bad about all this. i mean, i'm a horse lover. and it break my heart that they lost that many. >> the fire quickly spread to three building, 26 horses did make it out alive. thanks to those people who raced in to help. this morning there is no word on what caused this fire. we'll keep you posted. >> metro says that maintenance work this holiday weekend is on schedule and that the stations reopened this morning at 5:00. tacoma, silver spring, and glen mont station shut down at 10:00, so workers could do some major maintenance. workers are replacing two old track switches at silver spring station and installing new tracks at the new tunnel safety
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lights. things are back up and running. a consumer alert to tell you about for all you pet owners. a leading pet product company issued a voluntary recall on nearly 75,000 bags of dog treats due to salmonella concerns. the move is by hearts mountain corp. and it came after random sample testing indicated the presence of salmonella in one or more of the hearts natural real beef treats for dogs. hearts is urging dog owners who purchased those to recall the treats immediately or throw them away. there are no reports of animals getting sick. maine began, after sweeping federal guidelines, consumer advocates say certain products kids use every day could contain another dangerous metal. products on store shelves that could put your kids at risk. say good morning to sandra endo
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who joins us with more. it's scary again. >> i know, jamie. you know what kids do. they pick things up. that's why consumer report randomly studied and tests children's products. they tested 30 items you would find and found that three items have pause for concern, because they found definitely higher levels of metal. keep in mind, this is after a few years now of a crackdown of lead in children toys and paint as well. but still, consumer reports will continue to test and after a thorough testing found another different type of metal that is causing them concern. listen to this. >> now we are starting to see cadmium. it's used as a stabilizer. it's used as a pigment for paints. and it's very common in batteries. it's been on the market for
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years. but we are concerned it will show up a lot in other products, such as children's jewelry or hair barettes. young children have a tendency to put jewelry in their mouth. well, that can have a toxic reaction to children. so you want to avoid exposure as much as possible. >> and these are the three items that are really concerning. consumer reports in this study found a product sold at claire's boutique. it's obviously a popular jewelry store for kids. it's a clover shaped cell phone charm, that had high levels of cadmium, along with a barette. a will the of kids like to wear that. and also, kid adorable bumblebee raincoats. those are the three products where they found high levels of
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that metal. jamie. >> sandra endo keeping it safe this morning. in our democracy 2010 report, a chance it avoid those long lines on election day. early voting has begun in maryland. today republican gubernatorial candidate, robert ehrlich is going to cast his vote in maryland's september 14 primary. he will vote this morning at the senior activity center. we are just over a week away from the maryland primary and now vandals have attacked political signs in pikeville. look at these. the mill was sliced out of ten signs for a county council candidate. the signs are for sherry becker who is running for an open district to council seats. police are investigating that this morning. >> 6:52. what a great game yesterday. all right, it's navy against maryland. 70,000 came out to cheer. the terps jumped out early. 14-0 and navy comes out to tie
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the game. we saw fumbles at the goal line. interception, and navy had the ball the entire game, except for 20 minutes when the terps had it. the terps stopped right here at the goal line and that's the way the game would end. the final, the terps 17 and navy 14. and while terps fans continue, they set to introduce their new athletic director. his name is ken anderson. he will be announced today in college park. maryland comes after the athletic director for army. he replaced debbie, who left maryland to become north carolina's states athletic director earlier this summer. >> we booed them for years and we have to cheer for them. >> gets two cracks at his old team. the ravens signed tj after he was cut loose by the seattle sea hawks over the weekend. he spent seven years in cincinnati before going to the seahawks last year.
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he signed a one-year deal with the ravens. what that means is the ravens are ready to kick off the season monday night, september 13, where they will be up in new jersey to play the jets. game time will be at 7:00. 6:54 right now. ravens runningback is in unbelievable shape, no doubt about it. he wants others in the city to get healthy, too. listen to this. the ravens runningback is going to team up with the baltimore city mayor, stephanie rollins blake and a new health commissioner. they are going to announce an initiative at the recreational center at 9:00 this morning. it is a five-day campaign to get people to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing dozens of screenings, demonstrations, educational programs throughout baltimore. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, everyone.
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we are definitely dealing with some humidity that is going to move in here as we go throughout the day. remember dew points when you see the 60s, that's when you are starting to feel it. it's not going to be unbearable by any means, you can see the humidity start to creep up. we are at 63. 57, so much more comfortable. when you are in the 50s, we are feeling comfortable. this is what it looks like. we are waiting for the cold front to move through and once that cold front moves through, it's going to drop the dew points and feel good. but in the meantime, the high pressure in the atlantic, the clock wise flow is going to warm us up for today and increase the humidity. now for today and for tomorrow, that cold front will pass through the area and with that, we are definitely going to be dealing with the heat. in the meantime today, temperature around 87 degrees. by tonight, the temperature coming in at 67 degrees and then by tomorrow, the temperature will be a little warmer coming in right around 88 and your seven-day forecast, well, looks pretty good as that cold front comes in.
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the temperature will be around 77 degrees and 78 on friday with a chance of showers. kim, how is the traffic? >> okay, that earlier accident on the beltway outer loop lanes at the baltimore national pike has been cleared off to the shoulder. all lanes are open. still expected to be slow past the scene of that crash. also if you are traveling around the area. as you make your way around 95 southbound, an accident blocks the right shoulder and in route 50 southbound is closed because of a bad accident. >> all right, good morning america is next. they will be talking about tropical storm armine. the latest on that storm and the expected path. >> and who is going to be the next american idol judge? >> i don't know. >> who? >> justin timberlake. >> we'll find out. all coming up next at 7:00. have a great rest of your morning. >> we'll see you at 9:00.
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